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          • The light rail project in Kuala Lumpur has a total contract value of 1.
          • In the last six years, 23 Vietnamese women have married farmers in a small township in Henan province, local media reported.
          • In fact, Zhongguancun is second only to Silicon Valley as the most concentrated area for tech unicorns in the world, the report says.
          • One is the profit growth rate of Forbes Media can maintain 10 to 20 percent and the other is the media group can make some breakthroughs in the mainland market, said the source, adding that the second target is hard to achieve because they cannot issue serial publications in the mainland market without getting a CN number (equivalent of the International Standard Serial Number).
          • It means we have a choice to make, answered her husband.
          • Park, a self-taught fluent Mandarin speaker, arrived in Beijing earlier Thursday to kick off her four-day state visit.
          • Other additional features on the Experience model include a leather multifunction steering wheel with cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control, tire pressure indicator and a rear parking camera, as well as an upgraded six-speaker 150-watt audio system.
          • Some Christmas-themed decorations are seen in a shopping mall in Suzhou, East Chinas Jiangsu province, Dec 7, 2015.
          • The announcement also requires hospitals to set up a window to handle complaints from patients, and to put up instructions for filing complaints and the addresses and phone numbers of medical dispute mediation organizations.
          • The survey, co-conducted with Beijing Normal Universitys National Innovation Center for Assessment of Basic Education Quality, interviewed 10,000 families with children under 15 years old in 10 provincial-level regions, including Beijing and Liaoning.
          • Jack Lew, US secretary of the treasury, said on Thursday that a sufficiently ambitious negative list - where only exceptions to the treaty are specified - from China could open a pathway to additional progress before the end of the year.
          • He reached the shore of Kinmen at 8 pm.
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